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Pioneering Society 5.0

ASCA Tech Lab is committed to support the Government of Japan’s effort towards developing Society 5.0; a future super-smart society that aims to solve social issues and pursue prosperity by making full use of digital and cyberspace technology.

To materialize this goal, we will do our part in order to encourage and produce more young talents to excel in the following subjects:-


Preparing You For The Future

We are the first of its kind to connect visionary youths with industrial leaders, to empower new innovation and technological advancement for the Society 5.0 mission.

To achieve that, we believe our apprentices should be well-equipped with excellent knowledge, facilities, networks, and exposure.


We structured our programs based on a holistic approach to equip our students with the essential skills and experiences.


Our lecturers and trainers are highly qualified, competent, and carefully selected for their knowledge, skills, and dedication.


We partnered with industry leaders and top academic institutions across Asia to provide our students with strong industrial exposure and networks.


ASCA Tech Lab is well-equipped with modern and necessary facilities to ensure a conducive learning environment for our students.


Exposure to the local community and collaboration with related enterprises and authorities to solve real-life issues. 


We are located in the Kansai region of Western Japan which is conveniently located near many famous places of interest.

Plans your Future

Unsure if our programs are aligned with your career goal Or simply would like to learn more about our programs or ASCA Tech Lab in general? 

Feel free to reach out! Our teams are ready to assist you. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Starts Your Journey Here

Find the right program that fits you and immerse yourself with experienced lecturers, industry partners, networks, and more to future-proof your career.

We will help to strengthen your theoretical knowledge with real-life experience and connect you with industry leaders. We believe that learning should be holistic and doesn’t need to be boring.


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