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Leimond Village

A borderless community where diverse personalities shine.

Leimond Village is where everyone can actively learn, work, play, and interact, regardless of age, nationality, race, or disability.

It aims to realize a “society that leaves no one behind,” making use of its know-how in welfare projects such as child welfare and welfare for persons with disabilities.

We will create a community where everyone can live with purpose.

Building 1

Residences for the elderly with care service.

Building 2

Employment support business office:

  • Frozen lunch box production.
  • Café business.
  • Japanese confectionary production.
  • Facility management business.
Building 5
  • Child development support office.
  • Nursery school for child care workers and care givers.
  • International preschool.
  • ICT high school.
  • Lemon College; a college for people with disabilities.
  • Satellite campus of oversea universities. 
Building 6

Japanese School

Building 7

Labor support facilities; library, café, museum shop, borderless art gallery, toy museum.

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