Sango-town Public Library: Planning Your Visit

Once you are here in Sango-town, you won’t want to miss visiting the Sango Public Library. You don’t need to be a book lover to appreciate the building, which has been a fundamental part of the town.


The Sango-Town Library (三郷町立図書館) was created in 1985 as a reading room and community center at first. However, due to many requests, the library became much bigger by 2012. 

Here you can enjoy their free internet to do your research. They also have a Reference Service, where you can get help from the librarian; they help to introduce you to the book that suits your search. Psst: its a fully comfortable place with A/C equipped; you can run here from the Winter Coldness or the Burning Summer. 

Some of the events at Sango-Town are musical concerts, Storytelling, free book giveaways, and even movie time. Join these free events to get close to the locals!

Getting There

The library is located at Seya(勢野). The closest train stations are the Shingisanshita Station(信貴山下駅) of the Kintetsu Ikoma Line (近鉄生駒線).

If you are planning to go to the library from ASCA Tech Lab Training Center, you have to take the JR Train from Sango Station(三郷駅) to Ouji Station(王寺駅) before changing your train.

Have a look at this video for your reference!