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Program Information

The unique feature of this Japan Industry Training Programme is that the lecturers themselves deliver the essence of the actual challenges they have taken on, such as agri-tech, factory Iot and automation, and customer expansion strategies for the world’s leading theme parks.

There will also be plenty of company and facility visits, including a visit to an IoT and robot technology incubation facility by Softbank and the Osaka Bureau of Industry, a world-leading electrical discharge machine factory in Ishikawa Prefecture, a highly technical civil engineering site and an infrastructure management facility.

The industrial study tour also includes an introduction to the Industry 4.0 trend in Japan, workshops on soft skills and leadership, and time to think about your future career.

As you have come all the way to Japan, you will also be introduced to and experience Japan and its cultural customs. Japanese university students (technical college students) also participate in the program. We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to meet other business people and other participants in late summer.



Date : 1st Sep 2023 – 10th Sep 2023 (10 days)

Limited to 25 pax 



Candidates with a strong interest in Japan and with huge motivation to enhance their knowledge in several topics related to emergent technologies are welcome to join. Due to the fact that this study tour will challenge participants abilities, there are some requirements that will allow participants to overcome the challenges that they will encounter during the tour.


-Age between 18 to 30 years old
-Citizenship from a country that Japan has diplomatic relationships
-Conversational English level
Young engineers or business person
-Assistant professors or lecturers at universities
-University students


Jun kawamura

General Manager of
Global Business Process & IT Innovation

Member of CIO Lounge

Get a clear image by learning from industry player of Automation of Production Sites.
Also, learn on how to work well in a Global Team.


Former Marketing Director , Universal Studios Japan

Professor of Global Communication

An opportunity to participate in a professional, rare, hands-on strategic class from one of Japan’s top marketing strategy leaders. 

Yuichi IKOMA


Regional Computerization Advisor (Ag Tech)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Ikoma-san is pioneer for Ag Tech (short term for Agriculture Technology) in Japan. One of his innovations, RightARM is used for digitalization of agriculture and improving of farming operations. 


Director of ASCA Tech Lab

Ex-Specially Appointed Associate Professor, NARA INSTITUTE of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY

Rika-san developed leaders at Panasonic HR specializing in IT Department. Been in both industry and academia, she encourages participants to reflect and amplify career development.

Chance to Visit 6 prefectures!

Tour Schedule

  • Orientation for Course 1 and Course 3
  • Get to know Japan with Japanese Participants!


Morning Session

  • Learn about Japanese agriculture in this interactive session. Get a clue on how AgriTech Professionals utilize technology to improve quality, crop and sustainability. “TERRACE MILE, Inc.” has a success story of its own to share with you – Ikoma-san


Afternoon Session

  • Industrial Japanese Language Class
  • Explore the town around the campus. We will show you where you can buy groceries and how to travel to Osaka and Kyoto by train.


Morning Session

  • Japan is at no 3 (after China and the United States)in the ranking for world manufacturing. Despite its comparatively small country, Japan provides 7.5% of the world’s manufacturing output. Get to know Japan Manufacturing’s secret in this class. This session also includes the Industrial Digitalization topic
    – Kawamura-san



Afternoon Session

  • Visit 5G X (cross) LAB OSAKA, a support base for product and service development utilizing 5G, established at Soft Industry Plaza TEQS in Osaka South port. Participants will visit Shinsaibashi and Namba.


Morning Session

  • Universal Studios Japan ; The entrance ticket is very high-end pricing but its doesn’t stop people from all over the world travel to this famous theme park to enjoy the thrilling rides and see their favorite cartoon and anime characters come to life. This success is the result of Strategy Marketing- Terai-san



Afternoon Session

  • Let’s go to the Universal Studios Japan ITSELF!


  • Free day for Course 3

Suggest participants visit Kyoto and another city near the campus.

  • Orientation for Course 2

Let’s enjoy a welcome party with Japanese participants.

  • End of day for Course 1 

  • Let’s see the actual site! Visit a major machine manufacturer in Ishikawa Prefecture, one of the world’s top electric discharge machines.

  • Stay in a local city and experience Japanese culture and touch the Japanese people’s spirit.

Field Trip for 2 consecutive days!  

  • Visit the world’s most comprehensive exhibit of material handling and logistics. You will see a variety of the latest equipment.It is located in Shiga Prefecture.

  • Visit sites where you can observe Japan’s advanced civil engineering technology and learn about the realities of highway management and day-to-day operations in Aichi Prefecture.

  • Students will review the two-day field trip. New discoveries and insights will be shared with the group.
  • There is an interactive-style lecture about Leadership & Entrepreneurship. What does it mean to demonstrate leadership to those around you? Let’s think about the requirements to be a leader with Fujita-san’s enjoyable talk.

Morning Session

     Industrial Japanese Language Class

Afternoon Session

  • Learn about career paths and trends in Japan
    How to find and decide on a job which suites you
    – Ohigashi-san
  • Let’s think about your future career and future initiatives from the stories of non-Japanese or Japanese people working in Japan.


Certifications Available

2 Certificates, Japanese Language Certification  and ASCA TECH LAB Program Certification, will be provided to each participant upon completion of the Study Tour.

Application Process

STUdy Tour FeE

Application Deadline : August 3rd, 2023

Scholarships are available for students; Student price. Students can apply for it at the time of admission application.

The cost of the Study Tour to Japan will include:

  • Lectures from Speakers during the tour
  • Group discussions in class and during the Study Tour
  • Participation in all Study Tour activities
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Site Admissions entrance fees
  • Industrial Japanese Language Class
  • Welcome reception and Farewell party
  • Accommodation (Single bed, business hotel)
  • Meal for Lunch(Halal food is available)
  • Land Transportation associated with participation in the curriculum
  • Welcome Dinner

The cost of the Study Tour to Japan will NOT include:

  • Round-trip International Airfare
  • Activities, meals, transport and other expenses outside school hours and during free time
  • Breakfast and Dinner

Notices for applicants

  • In order to facilitate the program, applicants will have a brief online interview. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the program at the interview.
  • Applicants will be contacted individually by the secretariat to arrange the interview schedule.
  • (Interviews will be held from late June to July)
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee that all applicants will participate in the program, as it emphasizes group learning.
  • After the announcement of your participation is confirmed, HIS Malaysia representative will contact a participant regarding travel-related services. We will share the participant’s name, demographic information, passport information, etc., with HIS Malaysia. If a participant has any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Online Application

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